Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Away

We just got back from a few fun days at Lake Mead. It was sunny and warm and beautiful but too cold to partake in any H2O activities that we've both been craving since last summer. Instead we spent most of the time satisfying the cravings from our stomachs. This led to an in-depth investigation of the contents of the pantry and fridge. For those of you that may end up at the Echo Bay trailer, check out our list of expired foods in the Burnham Family guest book! 2004 parmesan cheese was the winner. On the way home we were promptly greeted by a snow storm in Beaver and several inches of freshley fallen flakes here at our place. We plan to take full advantage of the cold weather opportunities and we're hoping the spring is on the horizon so we can pull out our flip flops and shorts from storage and get our lovin' of the summer started yet again.

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Josh and Megan said...

Yea! I found your blog! I am jealous you got out of this weather...I am in need of some warm sun! Go to my blog to find Laura's and Adrienne's...I love the whole blogging thing. Your B-day is coming up!