Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Happiness

Adrienne had her BABY!!!! Maddisen Lindsey White is so beautiful!! She openned her eyes and stared right at me for a few seconds and I swear she knew something that i didn't!! I can't wait to give her a little friend to play with! (don't worry, it will be a while!!)

And it will be a while because I FINALLY landed a job that I LOVE!!! PureBeauty offered me a position as a Master Esthetician to work for them full time after a crazy long interview and wait process! It's a perfect place for me!! Congrats to ME!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We went bowling not too long ago with some of Keegans family... His sister Chelsea and her awesome kids and his brother Spencer and his girlfriend Erica! We also went with Keegans younger sister Breeann and her husband TJ but for some reason, I don't have ANY pictures with them!! I'M SO SORRY!!!! But it was so much fun playing with everyone!!! Just take notice to who won... heheheee (And please prepare yourself for a LOT of photos!!)

Fist is Avery... (Hola!) She is the CUTEST little girl EVER!! If i knew that I could have one like her, i'd start gettin' busy tonight!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!(Notice her STRIKE!!)

Then comes David... He's just as cute! And has a White Wolf as a pet... An imaginary pet. An imaginary pet (White Wolf) that stole his moms wedding ring and brought it into the mountains and refuses to give it up unless you "dead him" which no one can figure out how to do!! The ring has been missing for over a year now!! (He's freaking adorable!!)

Then comes Eli. He's the coolest kid! He's such a stud and he's so sensitive which i think means he'll be a great man for a lucky girl someday!! He's so fun! I love kicking his butt and wresting around with him... Unfortunately for me, he always wins!!

Last but definitely not least is Alex... He's such a handsome boy!! He has quite a tuff 'front' but he watches after his baby sister so well and it's so fun to watch! He's a stud of a kid and it's so fun to stop by and hang out with him!!

Chelsea... You're amazing! And not only because you have provided Keegan and I with delicious food and jam, but because you always welcome us randomly into your house! I have so much fun with you and your family! You're kids are amazing and you're the best sister-in-law I could ever ask for!! I'm so glad that we live so close to eachother... If life wasn't as crazy as it is (for the both of us) we'd be playing a lot more! We'll make more of an effort to come by more often; and call first too :)... I hope you are enjoying the pictures! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Then... we'll just do a quickie of the rest of the gang! The one's you don't recognize is Spencer (brother) and Erica (brothers girlfriend)

Enjoy!! Cause I know we did! Beware of some sweet action shots below!!! YEAY!





And the winner is....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sit back and relax. Maybe pop some popcorn...

Well Hello! My name is Katey Drawe... Others may know me as Katey Burnham. It's been quite some time since i've posted about all the exciting things going on in my life, so don't feel bad if you have forgotten all about me! I'm usually not good with telling stories with my pictures, so i just post pictures. Then I noticed that all my pictures appear the same. Keegan, myself and sometimes my dog. Since everyone else such has families and more exciting things going on, I felt like I have not much to say... But, thanks to Megan and Adrienne and a few members of the Burnham family, I have been told that my nothings give them something to do during their down time... So, this is for you :)

Well, My last post was august... Right? The last memory I have of such a long time ago was Halloween! My buddy buddy was an extra off Starsky and Hutch and I was Rainbow Bright...

In november, we went to Zion National Park with some of Keegans family and camped for a few gorgeous days! We hiked up the Narrows and enjoyed natures best!

In December... There has been a lot of snowboarding with a little bit of Christmas! We'll start with Christmas. It was so much fun seeing my family! My parents look so good and I haven't seen them so happy in such a long time! I think once their kids are no longer dragging them down, their able to pull eachother up to such happiness that I hope Keegan and I can have one day!

Now... to snowboarding. I'm pretty much sponsered. Kinda. Park City Mountain Resort pays me to snowboard. Well, to teach snowboarding, to be a little more correct. On my days off, I try to stay on the mountain as much I can. It's nice to have that kind of freedom while the lakes are frozen over and wakeboarding is not an option. But it still calls for some good times!

And now we are to January... Not much has happened so far. Adrienne had her Utah baby shower that I got to attend but I forgot my camera! I know she'll post pictures soon enough. But it was so much fun! I can't wait to meet her little girl!

Oh ya... I'm im turning 21 +5 in February!! I just only hope it'll be better than my 21 +4. I was so depressed at the thought of being old! But Keegan did good then to keep my mind young and i'm sure he'll do the same this year also!! So i'll do my best to keep up with the blogging. I hope this was good enough for the lack of blogging for the last few months! Good bye, and your welcome!