Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, Keegan and I just had our 2nd Anniversary and decided we wanted to spend it in our car driving around in search of animals. What place is better to do that then Jellowstone?? We had so much fun! By the time we were done, we spent 1,371 miles in my car in 3 days and found 5 bears (some arms length away and some were specks in the distance) hundreds of bison and lots of other little guys like beavers and squirrels... If you know me then you know I LOVE animals! Especially the wild ones! It was more than awesome being in their environment!!

Grizzley the Bear...

Old Faithful...

The Happy Couple...

Me being a scary bear...

And some others...

So, ya! That's pretty much all I have for whoever still checks up on us... We had a great anniversary!! 2 down 65+ to go

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bi-Annual Drawe Update

Well, Keegan and I have been up to quite a bit since Adrie had her little girl several months ago, but I don't know where to start!?! So, I figure pictures will do justice? I'm just not sure. Uh... Work is going well for me... I'm still at PureBeauty Salon at the University Mall next to Nordstrom (Come see me!!) and I love it there. Keegan is still working at Heritage Schools -full time- and going to school -full time- hoping to get into the Nursing. We can't wait till he can start applying for the program hopfully within the next year! But he's also taking this summer off and I'm loving our little get-a-ways together... We've had a few trips to Lake Mead (and many more planned), California (for a Ben Harper concert) and little drives far off into the mountians exploring new areas. It's been so much fun!

We'll start with our trip to see Ben Harper!!

Keegan is a pretty talented man and actually made a stencil of one of his favoite pictures of Ben Harper and we made shirts out of it... It was pretty SWEET!!

Then our trip to Mead... KEEGAN DID SO GOOD!!!!! And we had a blast with my parents!!

Most likely our Drawe family Christmas card 2009...

Since we've been back from that trip... We've tried to keep ourselves entertained while attempting to save our bank accounts from going under whilst saving up for our next Lake Mead trip!! EXCITING!!

Batting Cages...


...and I had to Duck Tape my left eye so I could see. I can't wink that eye... Keegan still won't let that one down... Haha!

Anyways... I'll move on...

Kamas, Mirror Lakes Highway and others...

And don't you worry... Mr B was there every step of the way!!

Until Next Time... Good Bye.

AND KEEP YOUR BLOGS UPDATED!!! I hate checking them with no Updates!!! ;) But really.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Happiness

Adrienne had her BABY!!!! Maddisen Lindsey White is so beautiful!! She openned her eyes and stared right at me for a few seconds and I swear she knew something that i didn't!! I can't wait to give her a little friend to play with! (don't worry, it will be a while!!)

And it will be a while because I FINALLY landed a job that I LOVE!!! PureBeauty offered me a position as a Master Esthetician to work for them full time after a crazy long interview and wait process! It's a perfect place for me!! Congrats to ME!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We went bowling not too long ago with some of Keegans family... His sister Chelsea and her awesome kids and his brother Spencer and his girlfriend Erica! We also went with Keegans younger sister Breeann and her husband TJ but for some reason, I don't have ANY pictures with them!! I'M SO SORRY!!!! But it was so much fun playing with everyone!!! Just take notice to who won... heheheee (And please prepare yourself for a LOT of photos!!)

Fist is Avery... (Hola!) She is the CUTEST little girl EVER!! If i knew that I could have one like her, i'd start gettin' busy tonight!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!(Notice her STRIKE!!)

Then comes David... He's just as cute! And has a White Wolf as a pet... An imaginary pet. An imaginary pet (White Wolf) that stole his moms wedding ring and brought it into the mountains and refuses to give it up unless you "dead him" which no one can figure out how to do!! The ring has been missing for over a year now!! (He's freaking adorable!!)

Then comes Eli. He's the coolest kid! He's such a stud and he's so sensitive which i think means he'll be a great man for a lucky girl someday!! He's so fun! I love kicking his butt and wresting around with him... Unfortunately for me, he always wins!!

Last but definitely not least is Alex... He's such a handsome boy!! He has quite a tuff 'front' but he watches after his baby sister so well and it's so fun to watch! He's a stud of a kid and it's so fun to stop by and hang out with him!!

Chelsea... You're amazing! And not only because you have provided Keegan and I with delicious food and jam, but because you always welcome us randomly into your house! I have so much fun with you and your family! You're kids are amazing and you're the best sister-in-law I could ever ask for!! I'm so glad that we live so close to eachother... If life wasn't as crazy as it is (for the both of us) we'd be playing a lot more! We'll make more of an effort to come by more often; and call first too :)... I hope you are enjoying the pictures! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Then... we'll just do a quickie of the rest of the gang! The one's you don't recognize is Spencer (brother) and Erica (brothers girlfriend)

Enjoy!! Cause I know we did! Beware of some sweet action shots below!!! YEAY!





And the winner is....