Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We went bowling not too long ago with some of Keegans family... His sister Chelsea and her awesome kids and his brother Spencer and his girlfriend Erica! We also went with Keegans younger sister Breeann and her husband TJ but for some reason, I don't have ANY pictures with them!! I'M SO SORRY!!!! But it was so much fun playing with everyone!!! Just take notice to who won... heheheee (And please prepare yourself for a LOT of photos!!)

Fist is Avery... (Hola!) She is the CUTEST little girl EVER!! If i knew that I could have one like her, i'd start gettin' busy tonight!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!(Notice her STRIKE!!)

Then comes David... He's just as cute! And has a White Wolf as a pet... An imaginary pet. An imaginary pet (White Wolf) that stole his moms wedding ring and brought it into the mountains and refuses to give it up unless you "dead him" which no one can figure out how to do!! The ring has been missing for over a year now!! (He's freaking adorable!!)

Then comes Eli. He's the coolest kid! He's such a stud and he's so sensitive which i think means he'll be a great man for a lucky girl someday!! He's so fun! I love kicking his butt and wresting around with him... Unfortunately for me, he always wins!!

Last but definitely not least is Alex... He's such a handsome boy!! He has quite a tuff 'front' but he watches after his baby sister so well and it's so fun to watch! He's a stud of a kid and it's so fun to stop by and hang out with him!!

Chelsea... You're amazing! And not only because you have provided Keegan and I with delicious food and jam, but because you always welcome us randomly into your house! I have so much fun with you and your family! You're kids are amazing and you're the best sister-in-law I could ever ask for!! I'm so glad that we live so close to eachother... If life wasn't as crazy as it is (for the both of us) we'd be playing a lot more! We'll make more of an effort to come by more often; and call first too :)... I hope you are enjoying the pictures! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Then... we'll just do a quickie of the rest of the gang! The one's you don't recognize is Spencer (brother) and Erica (brothers girlfriend)

Enjoy!! Cause I know we did! Beware of some sweet action shots below!!! YEAY!





And the winner is....


Chelsea and Manuel said...

Thanks guys, I loved seeing all those pictures!!!! And your so sweet and full of such nice compliments!!!! Really, you were way to nice! I'm glad that you guys are coming around a bit more, it's good to spend time together. Let's definitely keep it up!

Warner said...

yeah! i've missed seeing your funny blog and all the fun things you are up to.... first loved the rainbow bright costume... super cute! i was way bummed too that i didn't get to see you at christmas time.... bummer! you look great and if you ever get a chance call me to chat... i'm just waiting for baby at this point and i am bored out of my mind... i'm too much belly to do anything but go to target, i just want this little girlie out! love you!

Breeann said...

I am a bit miffed you didnt get any pics of us! I see how it is, you just dont like us as much as the others. It was fun, we should do it again.