Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anyone... Anyone??

So... how do all these people (aka "bloggers") have all these friends' links on their page? How do I add Family and Friends' links on my sweet page??
And is it customary to include a picture for every Post?
Does somene want to give us the 411 on this whole blogging thing?

Here's our feet. Cause I cant think of a good picture for this post...


Burnhams said...

Katey, I am so glad that you guys finally added stuff on your blog. YAY! Keep it up. I love it. This is how you add friends:
sign in to your blog, go to custumize, then add an element, choose "link list" and call it what you want, then you can add people to the list by typing their blog address as a link. Hope that helps. Love you guys.

JD and Adrienne said...

Katey, it was so good to hear from you. I love the whole blogging thing. It's fun to see what everyone's up to. Looks like you guys are doing great. your new little nephew is adorable.