Saturday, June 14, 2008

My 2 new loves!!

So... I love getting my nose waxed. If you have yet to get this procedure done... You must look into it!! Yes, it is painful to pluck a single hair, so this Must be painful... But i promise IT's NOT!! It's awesome. You should see how sexy my nose looks!!


Also... I got my car!!! If you remember my last attempt to purchase, it didn't work out the way I had planned. But this one's sticking with me!! Yeay!!

Meet my new old Pathfinder!! 2001 with 60k miles :) She's gorgeous!!





Breeann said...

Katey, you crack me up! I think I will take your word for it on the nose waxing! I love your new car, I am glad this one worked for you. I will give you a call next time we are up that way and maybe we can do lunch.

Warner said...

you are hilarious! it was way funny... i thought she acted alot like my roomie... wanting candy all the time and shaking that ghetto booty! love you! also does it hurt like a B to wax your nose? aaahhh

The Randall Family said...

We miss you guys too! We are coming to Utah in August to attend a wedding. We would totally love to see you guys while we are there. : ) We are doing really well. Kailey is an absolute angel and Brock is just loving his job a ton. We got a surprisingly good report from the doctor on Friday at my appointment. He was really worried last month, but a few of my tests came back better than expected. We are so grateful and this new baby is doing great. : ) We love you guys and we miss you.

jamirodana said...

Hi katie! Love your new car! We got one recently too. A new old car, not a pathfinder. I like the blue.
Nose waxed? Never heard of it! How?

Amy and Rob said...

Hi Katey! Just wanted to see how you're doing? You and Keegan are so cute! Anyway, I hope you're well.
* Amy

Kevin & Ashley said...

hey are you? i miss you girly & hope all is well! wanted to stop by and say hi & let you know I was thinking about you! :)