Friday, August 15, 2008

It's about time, eh?

Well hello!! It's been so long and I figured I better update so I feel better about reading up on everyone else!

We've taken several trips to Lake Mead, obviously! My parents suprised us with a new boat!! My dad went to get the Tige serviced and came back with a new MasterCraft x45! ha ha... He's such a sucker!

Keegan and I just had our 1 year Anniversary last weekend on August 9th :) It's been an amazing and blissful year. We went to our Trailor at the lake and after waking up to a beautiful morning with an incredible man, the door rang (which is weird because there is absolutley nothing and no one around for at least 45 miles) and when I opened the door, there was a gorgous bouquet of a dozen roses that Keegan had ordered for me. I still don't know how he convinced the poor guy to deliver them to the middle of nowhere!! But he's so good to me! I'm so lucky! It's was the perfect day with perfect water!

I've been doing a lot more at school such as Chemical Peels, Microderms, Body Wraps... The body wrap is amazing! I did a treatment on a girl and she lost 14 inches!! It's so cool! It's not water weight either... The results are permanent if you maintain a healthy diet! It's so fun to do! It's pretty much wrapping you up in Saran Wrap. (is that spelled right?)

After the wrap... It's good to get a synergie!! It's a cellulite reduction and it's permanent too!! I love my job!! ha ha!! The synergie suits bring me back to my leatard days!! (we had to wear these shirts for "modesty" purposes!!)

And of course, more nose waxing!! Love it!!

And here's a shout out to my dad... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! He's the best dad a girl can ask for! I've been so lucky to have him in my life giving advice and counsel through these past crazy years! I could only hope that I married a man that will be as incredible of a father as my dad has been (and still is) to me... Without my dad's patience and love for me, I would've never found the amazing man I married today. You're the best and I LOVE YOU!!! (although, he was kinda sad about the choppy water)

I'm out... PEACE!!


Warner said...

Katey I LOVE YOU! you are so funny.... after i have this next baby i am going to have to have you do all those treatments that make me skinny like you! okay so you love you tube? well wait for keegan and watch this together but is is so freakin funny :) type in
the conchords in the search area and its called "business time" .... should be two guys singing... watch and let me know how hard you laughed :)

The Randall Family said...

Katey I love the new pictures! You look so happy you are seriously glowing. I don't even care how cheesy that sounds either! LOL! We aren't going to come down to Utah after all this summer. My doctor won't let me travel right now. : ( I totally miss you though and it's so great to hear such fun updates. It looks like you and Keegan are having a blast and I totally want to make an appointment with you at your school after I have this baby! Some of those treatments sound like heaven right now! : )

Breeann said...

So glad you finally posted something! Keegan finally text me your # so I can call you about all the fun, new stuff you are doing in school.

Kevin & Ashley said...

you are too funny! that wrap stuff looks so cool! I am way jealous! would love that & a facial! the nose waxing too! :) you crack me up!

Joel and Teri's Place said...

Love you Katey!! Love your pix!! By the way, I love the V. S. swimsuits you talked me into getting! Cant wait to see you, next week?? mommy