Sunday, June 1, 2008

My new talent... Slacklining :)

So, I got out of school the other day and Keegan told me to meet him at Nuns Park for a new adventure... I show up, and he's walking on a tiny thin rope! It was pretty crazy. He's really good... I got better, but still can't get my goal of 6 steps. I only got to 5. By the end of summer, perhaps I'll be amazing.

and here's mr bones...
and his new talent!! How scary does he look?? But he's good at catch!!


Josh and Megan said...

You are one of the most talented people I you do house call facials...that would be great...and since you are by Pizza Factory, bring up some breadsticks for me to eat while you're giving me a pedicure! I will for surely come visit when school gets out!

Burnhams said...

looks fun. Next post I want to see Bones walking the rope

jakeandstephanietaylor said...

Me me me! I want any of those treatments now!!! If I can break away I will come see you:) Glad to see a new post!

Manuel,Chelsea, and the kids said...

Now I know why we never see you guys!!!!! Hope your doing well!