Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Happy Day

So, on my birthday (feb 4) Keegan took me up to Park City to FINALLY snowboard in this incredible snow. We've both been working and studying at every chance we get, so it was a really awesomely refreshing to get up there! I miss it! We came back and went to a delicious dinner at Tacanos and then to a friends for a fun birthday bash (where I finally admitted my real age... 25) -weird
... but the REAL news for this post is... I GOT A 97% on my mid-term for my Medical Terminology class!!!!! And here are my notes:

over 300 index cards!!!
And keep in mind... I never got above a 2.0 in High School and was suprised when they let me graduate!! So, this is pretty good!!! Yeay For ME!!!


The Randall Family said...

So I'm totally new at this whole blogging thing too and I'm just figuring it out. It's so fun to see pictures of you guys and you look so happy. Congrats on your great test score! School is no fun, but it's totally worth it. : ) I hope that all is well. Take care!!!

The Randall Family said...

I know she's gotten so big huh? Her and Brock are going to butt heads when she's older because she is a total flirt and he doesn't want her dating till she's like 30! LOL! You look so good Katey - you must tell me your secret!!!

JD and Adrienne said...

So I've been meaning to tell you Happy belated b-day, but I'm probably the worst person in the world when it comes to birthdays. Anyways, Happy 25th! Wow, we are getting old. Snowboarding is fun. JD and I went the other day and I was telling him about how you and I used to rip it up on skis when we were little and sing "I can't get no..Satisfaction" at Bear Valley. Ha! We were so cool.

Joel and Teri's Place said...

I always told you you were brilliant. I always knew you had it in you!! Im proud of you!!!