Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just the Two of Us

What is his name? Keegan Michael Drawe (he had me believe he had no middle name up until right before we got married!!)

How long did you date? Wow, now that’s one question that him and I differ on quite a bit. I say about 4 months. He says much longer… He thinks September, or so? (I avoided “dating” him as long as I could – it scared me)

Who eats more sweets? Hi. My name is Katey. You should know… (silly question)

Who said I love you first? I think that I did. Which is funny cause I was scared to say we were even “dating” … but could say “I love you”?!?! Weird.

How old is he? 28

Who is taller? He sure is… but I get up there with my heels on!

Who can sing better? The karaoke says I do… And you can’t go against a machine. It’s science.

Who is smarter? Keegan. Yes, he ‘did’ get me to date him, right? Smart kid.

Who does the laundry? He separates his socks weird. We stick to our own! I can’t compete…

Who pays the bills? He pays mortgage. I try to take on the utilities… We pay for our own credit cards and such…

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? “Right side” according to who? What does this question mean? If you’re lying on the bed… on your back… I’m on the left. (I have to be further from the door… The door access scares me…)

Who mows the lawn? We pay a fancy HOA fee for that… Even though Keegan is the VP of Home Owners Association.

Who cooks dinner? I tried to cook Mac and Cheese last night. It didn’t work the way he gets it to work.

Who drives? I love driving! But my car sometimes breaks down when we take trips.

Who is more stubborn? I’m my father’s daughter. I don’t give in easy. But I try.

Who kissed who first? I’m actually not sure. I would normally take the initiative; but asked him to not let me kiss him and asked him to not kiss me (that’s usually how I “ended it” with the boys… “kiss and dismiss”… and I didn’t want to end this one quick) But I think he enjoyed seeing me squirm when he’d talk soft and close to me so I had no choice but to lay one on him…

Who asked who out? It took Keegan about an hour and a half -standing outside my warm car in the freezing cold- trying to get me to go see a Warren Miller film in Salt Lake. I gave in but made sure it was not a “date”. Alas, he surprised me with dinner and a beautiful gazebo after the movie. And then we drove around for hours until the sun came up… But I still say it wasn’t a date.

Who proposed? He did… And it was disastrously adorable! He spent hours and hours painting individual letters on twin sized sheets that finally said “Mary Me!” after all the 7 sheets were tied together- only to find out that it was too windy for it to hang over the cliff that we were so conveniently gazing at.

Who has more siblings? He has one more sister. Sister, Sister, Brother, Him, Sister.

Who wears the pants? I wear pants when I have to. But I’d prefer to not.


Teri said...

Katey I love this!! It made me lol. It made me miss you!!! We can't wait to see you guys. I love it that you sound so happy. I love Keegan!! Mom

The Randall Family said...

Oh I love the house that you guys are looking at! How is that going? Cute info about you and Keegan. I just wanted to say hello and see how you guys are doing! Take care.

teanuts said...

Hey what's up? Thank you.

JD and Adrienne said...

time for a new post sista.

The Randall Family said...

How are you doing? We are going to come to Utah next month because TJ is coming home from Iraq. We'd love to see you! Kailey is two already. Crazy huh? She was really, really sick a bit over the last couple of weeks, but everything is OK now. She gave us a few scares though! Take care and tell Keegan hi.

Josh and Megan said...

Hello...where are you? New post please...it's been over a month! you were doing good for a while there! Update us all!

Warner said...

so its been a while since i've checked out the blog... loved it! especially the comment about the candy.. i can't look at nerds, good n plenty, slurpees, suckers, and any other candy at the gas station for that matter without thinking of you :) love you lots!