Monday, May 26, 2008

Times to Remember

Who's coming to let me do a facial on them?!?!? Honestly, it's so much fun! AND... if you come in on Mondays (all day) or Tuesday thru Friday mornings (9-12) you get 2 facials for the price of one! Meaning, you can bring a friend and get your facials done for only $25!!! Come and play with me!!!

Last week for class we went to a Lavendar Farm in Mona, Utah to learn about Essential Oils... It was beautiful out there!! and i met a new friend...
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

After the educating field trip, a friend wanted me to wax his back, so... i did. It took about 3 hours with 3 of us at work... But before we could wax, we had to trim with clippers and a vacuum to clean the mess!! It was awesomely disgusting!!!

And after that? You ask?? Keeg and I took Mr Bones on a fun hike! And found a Beaver dam! SWEET!

And then finally... Our good friends got hitched! And that is always a good time!
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This is sweet... but short. I know, but i'm crazy tired and have school and work in a few hours XOXO and goodnight!!


Joel and Teri's Place said...

cute new friend! I miss you! Can't wait to come visit and get a facial!

Breeann said...

Glad you FINALLY updated! It is pretty sad when we keep in touch through blogging! Your hair looks cute, not sure when you did it but I haven't seen you forever. If you give me the info (where etc) I will for sure come and get a facial and maybe I will drag Chelsea with me. Glad to see all is well, we should have a bbq when you guys have time let us know.

The Newton Family said...

What a CUTE couple you and your hubby are! :)